CG-501 (CAS No. 681-84-5)

Chemical Name: Tetramethoxysilane
Molecular Formula: C4H12O4Si
Structural Formula:
Molecular Weight: 152.2
CAS No. : 681-84-5 (TMOS)

Physical Properties of Tetramethoxysilane:

Physical Form :Transparent liquid
Color: Clear, colorless
Specific Gravity at 25/25°C: 1.023
Boiling Point, °C: 121-122
Refractive Index, nD 25°C: 1.367-1.370
Flash Point, Pensky-Martens Closed Cup (1), °C: 26


Tetramethoxysilane (CAS NO.681-84-5) named TMOS abroad is mainly used as insulating materials for the electronics industry and as treatment agent and coagulating agent for optical glass and silicone synthesis. This product can be used to produce heat-resistant, chemical-resistant coatings, silicone solvent and precision casting adhesives. It also is a widely used intermediate in organic synthesis.

Packaging and Storage:

Tetramethoxysilane can be packed in 200KG drum, IBC and ISO tank.
The container is sealed and stored in cool and well ventilated place away from fire and water.


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