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Our Strategy Of Sustainable Development

Green Chemical Industry

Chemical industry is getting prosperous worldwide, but its development exacerbates the problems of environment and society. The ozone hole, acid rain and eutrophication are all connected with chemical industry. Due to the contradictory between people and resource, sustainable development has become the development strategy of the governments and enterprises. Therefore, this situation gives rise to the rapid development of green chemical industry.

Green chemical industry refers to the use of environmental protection technology, reduction of energy consumption, optimization of production process, refuse reclamation and resource optimization in the chemical production process. These methods will reduce production cost, resource consumption, and pollution. Green chemical industry would make enterprisers feel obligated to improve natural environment. This will not only bring environmental benefit but also bring business benefit to the enterprises. CHENGUANG keeps trying to be the leading force to promote green chemical industry.

Our Adherence to Sustainable Development Strategy

We plant this concept in the value chain of every aspect of production and marketing. the strategy is devided into four elements which include research, safety reliability of products, production and transportation.


Chemical industry will not move forward without the support of technology. Therefore, we can easily find out that the production mode distinguished for innovation, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection is the pursuit of many enterprises. CHENGUANG actually has a team of dedicated professionals. Our technical team keeps improving itself to meet the requirements of customers.

Safety and reliability of products

The characters of chemical products are important to the safety of the industry. Safety is a key part of sustainable development of our enterprise. We pay much attention to the safety and reliability of raw materials. In the processes of production, we test the materials and finished products to minimize pollution.


The processes of production are as important as the safety and reliability of products. CHENGUANG group will always try his best to increase the utilization rate of raw materials and to reduce pollutant.


"A good beginning is half of the battle". We realize that transportation is the bridge between customers and producers. Perfect timing transportation can make everything work smoothly. CHENGUANG Group not only set up the standards of high-efficiency and safety in daily work, but also carefully chooses reliable transportation teams under the same standards.